Hairbands for A More Stylish You

Straight hair are more of a blessing as those with straight and silky hair have great options to complement their hair with different styles and hair accessories. Styling your silky straight lock of hair with attractive head bands and other kind of clips is quite common is fashion freak girls. You can attain a chic look by ornamenting hair with different types of headbands.

Bangs Up

You can give your outlook a trendy look by applying different hair accessories with attractive styles. With your straight hair you can wear these hairbands half up. Down or can tie your hair high up elegantly. If you have a broad forehead it will be suggested that you leave some hair locks on your forehead and fix the band accordingly. Leave some thick volume of hair under your headband and let them flow out of your band. You can choice between different styles of band either simple or sleek one or broad style bands.

Bangs Down

If you have silky long hair and want to leave them straight down, select from the long range of headbands and can give you a funky look. Side swept bands will complement your personality best if the band is draped down in the front. For straight hair it is recommended to fix your hairbands at the exact place where hair meets the bangs. Backcombing is also suggested for straight hair because it gives extra thickness to your hair. Use glittery and stylish bands around your hair puff and give yourself a healthy hair look.

Half Up

If you are a teenager, parting your hair from center and rolling them half up will add volume to your hair. Fixing your hair behind hair and leaving the rest roll down till your waist will make you look trendy and glamorous. Even a simple hair band can braided style. This style will give you quite younger and chic look that adds more to your beauty.

Straight Pony

Pony tail is a style is something that looks best in teenager trendy girls. A smart ponytail with funky style hairbands give you a younger look and adds extra thickness and volume to your hair. It is better to tie a pony on the top of your head and decorate it with attractive headbands. You can change the pony tail style by giving a back combing with it or can make a braid as well.

Be selective and choosy while buying the best hairband for you because everyone has the right to look attractive and trendy. But do not buy such bands that give your hair an overdo impression.

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